About Perl Street

Perl Street streamlines investments in technology and hardware projects by providing data driven transparency for investors and comprehensive fundraising guidance for startups.

We believe the current process of raising capital is a major distraction and cost to technology and hardware startups. Instead of focusing on delivering value to their customers and building innovative products and teams, startups spend much of their limited resources and time on sourcing capital, negotiating deal terms, drafting legal contracts and navigating complex and lengthy due diligence processes.

We believe technology can address these problems, and that is why we are building software that reduces the friction of raising capital and facilitates a new marketplace.

Meet the Team

Perl Street’s team and advisory board

Tooraj Arvajeh
Tooraj ArvajehCEO & Co-Founder
Tooraj Arvajeh has 15+ years of global experience in creating technically feasible and financially attractive applications and market opportunities for clean and emerging technologies in built environment, energy and resources management and mobility sectors.
Dakota Wixom
Dakota WixomCTO & Data Scientist
Dakota has a research background in stochastic optimization methods and a track record in developing financial applications from scratch and deploying production systems. Prior to Perl Street, Dakota built AI powered signals for analyzing financial risk.
Mark Paris
Mark ParisChairman & Co-Founder
Mark Paris has more than 30 years of experience at the intersection of cities, technology and finance. Mark is a partner at Urban Us, an urban tech VC fund, and has been the Managing Director of URBAN-X, an urban tech accelerator program.
Shaun Abrahamson
Shaun AbrahamsonAdvisor
Managing Partner, Angel & LP (5 exits) 3 time operator (1 exit). The Economist. University Cape Town, MIT CADLab.
Stonly Baptiste
Stonly BaptisteAdvisor
6 time founder (2 exits). CNNMoney 30 under 30, Guest contributor at TC. Teacher at University of Chicago.
Anthony Millin
Anthony MillinAdvisor
Lawyer at Shulman Rogers. Co-founder BioDatomics, Corrival. Wharton, George Washington University.

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